Do you have a camera and wanting to create some awesome  images of women, girlfriend, wife, female fiend and female models?  This site is for a person with camera “a  photographer” who like to shoot women.

When I first introduced to camera was so fascinating at age of around 4 or 5. The device could  record images. I was shooting things with my father’s SLR camera by 2nd grade and took it to school field trips, and taking photos of friends, landscapes, and whatever I wanted record images to the films.  There was roll of film had only 12 or  24 exposures and could not change ISO/ASA .  On top of the SLR camera I was using did not have exposure metering, no auto focus and everything is manual, including strob..no TTL. Only I could see from view finder was the subject, focus screen and small window that I could see aperture number on the lends body.  I did not know that much about technical aspect of  photography but I was enjoying creating images.  I’m enjoying more taking  photos since I switched to  digital camera since 1999.

This site is for fun, less technical, and no big budget shoot.  Just model and I are collaborating for  images, from ordinary to some awesome images.  You can only learn from taking actual photos not taking mental images. Just like you learned martial arts from book does not make you good fighter. You own the best camera and lens does not make you the best photographer. So I keep shooting whenever I have chance to shoot with women.