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Akira – outfits for the shoot (OFTS)

It’s good to adding segment of  Outfits  For The Shoot, OFTS.           I met Akira  about year ago at a event I used to shoot. She is only 19 years old and she doesn’t have that much modeling experience , but she agree to shoot with me.  She has sparking blue eyes, long legs, tall, she…

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Allie Sparks Hooping

The day Allie and I went to beach for shoot, we also brought hula hoop, GoPro and cheap Sony HX-20V.  It must be little difficult adding a GoPro on a hoop and hooping around.  We started shooting on a big rock. the next thhing she started jumping on it. That made me nervous so I told her not do it. It was funny, I slipped and fell right after I told her not to jump because she might fall.  She stopped hooping and asked me if I was alright. I told her I was alright and wave my bloody hand back to her. Her response “Oh No! You are bleeding”.  I kept shooting with my bloody hand. LOL!!

I didn’t do color adjustment on the video on both GoPro and Sony HX-20V footage.  And edited with Sony Movie Studio HD Platinum.

Freedom OMG! Socks!

It’s always fun during the shoot and in between. Freedom and I were doing head shots since she got done new hair styling. She wanted do a few head shots. I set one beauty dish with grid and reflector under. I was going to do pure white back ground Initially but some how I’m not…

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Introducing Allie Sparks

Allie is coming to FineExposure.  I met  Allie middle of  last month.  I don’t remember how we connected but we set up a shoot.  Since then I’ve been busy shooting with Allie.  She is a professional GoGo dancer and pretty flexible.  She is beautiful inside and out. We are working on many projects.

I shot this Allie’s  Head shot video just for fun and  very simple set up.  2 cheap CFL lights with cheap workshop lights reflectors from hardware store clamped on light stands. I used 100mm f2.8 for macro shot and 50mm f1.4. lens.

Full version of this video is coming soon.